This time of year is one of my favourites apart from the getting dark early!!! The one thing I love is the beautiful colours on the trees, conkers and acorns!!! This is certainly a great time for preparing for the winter! Autumn is all about being comfy and cozy!!!

Things to be doing:

🍂Stocking up the logs for the winter

🍂Replacing your summer duvet

🍂Update your photo frames

Make your home feel cozy by using warming hues, this doesn’t have to be just on the walls, incorporate it within your soft furnishings. Using warming colours will make the dark nights feel less depressing.

i love these colour hues by  Just beautiful❤️

image image image image

Use antlers accompanied by seasonal pumpkins to make a lovely table display, for those autumn gatherings sipping autumnal soup!!!


The trees this time of year are just breathtaking, so why not use these within your home decor, displaying these striking leaves within a frame can bring a splash of colour to any room. I would advise using a flower press and drying them out slightly before framing.


Using ethnic weaves are just a lovely way of incorporating texture and colour. You can pretty much get these rugs in any colour, also they are hard wearing especially for those muddy wellies!!!


Painting pumpkins are such fun with the children, but also make a lovely feature on a doorstep or porch. Group several together to make a bigger feature❤️


Candles are a must in the autumn and especially using nature to accompany them, use conkers,acorns,pine cones to bring the outside in. Use scented candles to give a lovely smell within the home, this is not only relaxing but inviting to others too.


Autumn is a great season to prepare your logs for winter, but before you light that fire they can also be a nice feature within the alcoves of your sitting room. The only downside to this is Spiders!! So be warned if you are going to put your logs inside.


Start introducing heavier and more luxurious throws within your home, either on the end of your bed or in your living area. Being all cozy at night will certainly make the colder nights feel warmer!!

image image

This beautiful red squirrel has made his little home within this tree, he looks all warm and cozy with the bark wrapped around him. You can almost see the relief on his face from coming in from out the cold!!! Brrrr


Use different textures, try and steer clear from cold fabrics such as leather and plastic, unless accompanied by softer fabrics such as velvet or fur.


Trick or treat!!!!

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