When I found out that we were having a baby I was overjoyed, I couldn’t wait to start decorating our babies room, but we had a problem in that we didn’t know what we were having. What colour do we paint it???

So after several books of colour cards dotted around we found a colour we loved, farrow and ball mizzle. It is soft and neutral and fitted perfect within our scheme.


All I can do is advise you to go neutral, you can layer up with colour and texture when you find out the gender of your baby.


👶 Remember that they are not going to babies for long, so I would advise to steer clear of baby decor. Ie Winnie pooh wallpaper. As you will be changing it again within a few months.

👶 Stick to wall colours that you can easily change the feel of the room with Accessories.

👶 Baby furniture( I could go on and on about this) but remember that the expensive nursing chair you buy won’t be used forever, so I would possibly suggest that you buy a chair that can be used elsewhere once finished with. ( saves money and effort selling it)

👶 Adequate storage, don’t buy baby furniture as you will need to upgrade it later on as won’t be big enough for a toddler!!

👶Use lighting that can give of a softer light required for those midnight feeds.

👶 Use a wooden ladder to drape and display your baby blankets(if you have a family like mine, we had so many knitted for us)

👶If you don’t want standard wardrobes then why not use an upcycled dispay cabinet to hang their clothes in, and nappies, baby bedding etc.

👶Make your own mobile,using felts, teddies, wool etc. This way you can have a beautiful unique one. If you are not very creative why not have a look at these beautiful eye catching mobiles

Flensted mobiles.

You can buy these from




image image image image image image image image image image

Make a room that is fun and interesting for their development 😆


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