It has been said that going dark within your interior decor can make a room feel smaller and depressing, but I have to be honest it’s all about how you use it!!

⬛️ Black has a way of introducing drama and impact that no other colour can do

⬛️ Dark colours can actually enhance the amount of light in a room, when done right.

⬛️ Black can define spaces and help set the stage for heightening the setting for accessories and furniture.

⬛️Black can be accentuated more when using bright colours and whites.

(use Matt paints to hide the imperfections)

⬛️ Use dark colours in rooms that rely on furniture to invigorate the space(such as dining rooms and bedrooms) a headboard can take the centre stage against the black canvas.

I am a huge fan of dark walls especially accessorised with metallic colours to compliment it!

⬛️ Use frames and pictures to break up dark colour hallway walls, these will compliment the dark walls.

⬛️ Use bold colours to accessorise, paint door frames/skirting boards in crisp white paint for a clean fresh look against the dark walls.

⬛️ Use wooden floors to compliment the dark walls, these look amazing together.

⬛️ Black can create a theatrical look as well as contemporary

⬛️ Paint doors or radiators black if you are not confident in painting a complete wall, this will create a striking effect in any room.

How many of you wear black,accesorise with bold colours and gold/silver jewellery????

If it works for fashion then why not let it work for your interior decor😀

This pic below is of my sisters hallway(before and after), at first she was a little scared to go dark as she thought that being such a narrow space it would look even smaller, I persuaded her to go for it as it would look great against the wooden floor, so she did!! The results are just lovely and the fact that the room appears to be lighter and longer proves that using dark really doesn’t close the room in😍


image   Use white against the dark walls to create pieces that stand out!!

image Using vibrant colours against the black, looks truly amazing and creates such a slick look!!

image image image

image  Love the Danish design chair against the black canvas wall!

image image image Metallics metalics metalics create such a contemporary /industrial look in any room! Love love😍

image  If you are scared to paint the wall, paint a door instead to create impact😍

image image image image

image image Paint radiators or stairs to create a subtle change within the room.

image  image

image  Love the split wall look, this creates a feel of height within a room.

image  Use wood to create drama!!

image image image image image image image image image  White against black is just striking on every level!!!

image  Don’t be scared to use dark colours within a nursery, you can use the cot,chair,pictures to soften the look😍


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