A bedroom is the most personal retreats, a sanctuary and haven,a place for relaxing,healing and calm. This is a room that your guests rarely see as this is YOUR space.You can create a room that is truly for yourself and use the style that you feel comforted by, this will ensure a pleasant nights sleep.

Getting a bedroom right depends on how you want to use it.

👫A good nights sleep

👫A morning lie in

👫A daily lie in

👫Family lie ins and film nights.

Our bedroom is a place where we can relax, we have no TV, therefore we can wind down with a book or each others company. It’s a place away from everyday chores and kids😀

Create a space that works for you,start with the basic and functional aspects and create your room around them.

⭐️Choose calming colours

⭐️Furniture to comfort

⭐️Textures to soothe

⭐️Get the temperature right

⭐️Feel secure by the way you position the bed

Bedside tables:

Mix up your bedside tables by using different pieces of furniture, like cases,chairs,stools etc

Clothes storage:

⭐️Use bespoke fitted storage if you have an awkward shaped room

⭐️Glass fronted cabinets are lovely but you do have to be disciplined on keeping it tidy.

⭐️Free standing wardrobes, practical and functional


Place a cotton wool ball with a few drops of clove or lavender to keep the moths at bay.

Girly accessories:

⭐️Hang door knobs,hooks or animal heads to hang your jewellery from.

⭐️Use a tea cup to house your earrings and rings

⭐️Use a cushion to pin broaches on, this can also be used as a bed cushion(but with sparkle)

⭐️Use your accessories as pieces of art!!!


👫 Best Bed and Matress you can afford

👫 Luxury Bedding

(after a hard days work those investments make all the difference)

This is your sanctuary after all!! I use mine to get away from the kids😀

👫 Use soft lighting

👫 Use different textures and fabrics

👫 Layer windows with blinds and curtains(this gives a luxurious look and feel)

If you have small windows I would just advise to use either Roman blinds for a soft look or Venetian blinds 50mm slats as this will let more light in.

👫 Make a feature of your bedroom furniture as this is a must in your bedroom so enjoy looking at them.

👫 Be clutter free( you will be able to wind down easier at night)

image image image  imageimage

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