So when my sister moved to OZ and bought her first house, her husband did most of the decorating as she was adamant that she didn’t know how to paint properly. To be honest this baffled me slightly as to me it seemed like a simple task. So after she had her baby she decided that she wanted a hobby too. So when she told me that she was going to upcycle furniture and paint them. (it made me laugh initially) but I have to say that she has certainly found her talent. I don’t know if anyone has tried up cycling and painting furniture but it is actually harder than it looks.

Check out her first project below😍.

😥Before (needed some TLC)



To upcycle this dressing table she used Graphite Annie Sloan paint and wax, new handles, casters for the legs. This has been done to a very high standard and a lot of time went into this project. I cannot wait to see the next finished projects.

image image   image image


This little table and chairs was found in the street, certainly in need of some TLC. My sister has a little boy that loves to create, so turning this table into a chalkboard was the best decision for my sister. She rubbed it all down and gave it a ne lease of life.

I have to say I’m glad to see the back of those letters.



Love the turquoise colour on the chairs, these look very vibrant and fresh. My nephew loves  it❤️❤️

image image

Before and After

I have to admit, I did like the rustic look to this piece in the before picture,a little bit of wax would’ve looked lovely, but this was a commissioned piece,so her client just wanted a freshen up and some new handles. The cubpoard doors can be opened with a key.

I love the blue, and I’m glad she kept some of the original coloured wood.


Here Is another up cycled piece from my very talented sister. She wanted to keep these very simple so only decided to paint them, but I have to say these look beautiful and to be honest I think the simpler the better. After all this could fit into any bodies home design.

Keep them coming Amy❤️❤️❤️


This is another piece that my talented sister has created for her friend, from a standard pine unit,to a beautiful modern contemporary up cycled piece. She has used high quality Annie Sloan paint and polished/waxed the top to create a hard wearing surface. The new handles just finish this piece off. Well done Amy.


I am so proud of my sisters creations, these are some of her new upcycles.

The duck egg blue really creates a modern and contemporary look, it has been finished off with some beautiful porcelain clock design knobs. The end result is very fresh and would look amazing in any home decor scheme.


Loving the blue on this piece, so vibrant and classy. I am glad that she has kept the vintage handles and polished the wooden top. This certainly is a good mix of the old and new. The polished wax has really finished off this piece.


This lady Mel Priest has some beautiful pieces, I have created a page called exceptional up cyclers on my blog with some of her work, please go and check it out. She is just amazing 🙂

This is one of her before and afters😍





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