Roman blinds:

are a type of window covering that blocks out the light when down,these blinds stack up evenly when being opened, these blinds are smart and versatile, suiting almost every room. When choosing fabric opt for something mid-weight and not to textured,as blinds need to fold up easy against themselves. Combining more than one colour or pattern whether it be in a border or tassels on the bottom of the blind can add depth and interest.


Venetian blinds:

are typically made up of horizontal or vertical slats using various types of material, wood,plastic or metal. These are held together by cords that run through the slats. The blinds can be adjusted by rotating them from open to closed position. These blinds are a good way to add privacy and let the light in at the same time.


Roller blinds:

are the most basic style of blinds, yet can be very clever in the fact that they can be hidden when open. These blinds come in various patterns and textures. Roll up blinds tied with ribbon have a pretty yet simple look. These blinds tend to work well in kitchens.

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