I find that living in the UK can be sometimes frustrating as the weather is so unpredictable, so sitting outside enjoying nature can be some what lacking,so why not bring the outside in and enjoy it all year round. This doesn’t have to be just house plants, flowers. Use your creative mind to bring in some beautiful natural objects and furniture. So go for a nice walk and start collecting some twigs,pebbles etc.

This table really shows that bringing the outside in can be beautiful, the cut tree legs create texture within the home.


Using discs of wood as a mirror surround creates a striking focal point on any wall.


Use twigs to create a lampshade, this makes a warm welcome for any hallway.


This is certainly my favourite piece, I love the colours on this silver birch bark, the magical glow of light is soooo relaxing. Just awesome🍂🌾


Creating a quirky coat rack from chunky twigs,or a unique shelving unit.


I do have an addiction when it comes to unique lighting, so when I found this it made me very happy, I am going to have to make it. This is so simple and gives off a 3d wall illusion as well as a beautiful light.


Get rid of those outdated wardrobes and replace them with these gorgeous clothes rails,these branches can be painted so it would easily be incorporated within your room design.

image image

And another awesome light stand!!!!


Stunning hand rail for your stairs, I do love this, but be sure to smooth the branches down first, you certainly don’t want splinters!!!!


Simple but effective, this twig star creates a lovely object for any room, and would look magical at Christmas time.


My mum would love this cake stand, as she is slightly obsessed with baking and this would definitely fulfil her baking needs. What a way to present your Victoria sponge!!!


Natural walls are lovely and create a peaceful relaxing space, a simple way to mix with nature.


Use hanging baskets and various coloured cactus/succulent to give an instant splash of colour.

image image

And more lights😍😍😍😍


My holiday to Italy really made me fall in love with olive trees, so when I came across this I had to share it with you. The way these olive trees are going up the banister breaks up the hardness of the hand rail, and I have to say it looks STUNNING😃


The pictures came from various sources.







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