Changing the feel for a room just by changing a few little details, is such an easy and inexpensive way of making a room feel fresh,cozy and inviting. I just love adding or taking bits away from a room depending on the seasons.

Winter Months⛄️

Try and make a room feel cozy and warm as possible, this will make you want to curl up in front of the sofa after a hard days work.

⛄️ Use candles

⛄️ Soften hard floors with sheep skin rugs

⛄️ Use softer lighting

⛄️ Soft fluffy throws over furniture so that you can snuggle up

Summer Months☀️

Try to make the house feel bright and cool.

☀️ Let as much light in as possible by opening curtains wide and pulling blinds up

☀️ Swap the fluffy cushions with cotton ones

☀️ Change your bedding to a lighter material such as cotton or linen


Bring the outside in

🌱 Pick beautiful spring flowers to brighten up your room(tulips are my favourite)

🌱 Refresh paintwork that looks grubby

🌱 Rejig your furniture

🌱 Paint/oil outdoor furniture in time for the summer months

Autumn 🍂

Tackle indoor projects that were left in the summer months.

🍂 Scent your home with woody candles burning

🍂 Be inspired by the autumn leaves to create a beautiful colour pallette.

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