I have to admit, I find decorating a child’s bedroom the hardest, i think this is because there tastes change all the time. Especially as they get older.

The most important thing is getting the colour right, and a colour that can be lived with.

👦👧 If your child is into a particular toy/character instead of buying the the wallpaper the bedding and cushions, use the colour within the toy/characterand Incorpoarate this into the walls,accessories etc.

My daughter loves monster high dolls, so I incorporated this into her room design.

👦👧  Bring colour through accessories,cushions as these are less costly and can be easily replaced.

👦👧 This is the best room to experiment with colours,especially with toddlers as they just love colour.




👦👦Use clever storage to hide the mess away, this could be a desk, draws, hanging storage.

👦👧Let your children get involved within the design even if it’s just some painting they want to display. This makes it feel like there room.

👦👧Make there beds an inviting,cozy place to be especially if you have nightmare sleepers, I find this helps them want to go to bed.

If you have the space buy at bed that converts into a double, this could also be used for extra guests.

image image image image image image

But most of all enjoy creating with your children!!!


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