If your like me I find children’s garden furniture pretty naff and uninteresting. I also find that toys and trampolines take over the garden too. I do think it’s important that you have a garden that can be segregated to cater for your children and yourselves. So why not use hedges or picket fences to make the divide,this way you can create a designated area for them.

Make toys and points of interest from natural materials,as these are fun and just adorable.Children have great imaginations so get them involved in the design,this will also make them enjoy the outdoors more.

Children also like nature,so why not create a creepy crawly home,hedgehog houses or hand painted bird boxes.

👫Sounds in a garden can be very soothing too,so make wind chimes,musical wall instruments or a water feature could be great.

👫Reading corners made from a frame and climbing plants are just lovely and can blend into the background unlike plastic chunky playhouses.

👫Create different zones like sensory/reading/messy play and growing and nurture areas can make children more independent and creative.

Swing hammock and a horse swing made from tyres and string.

image image

Creepy crawly homes made from twigs/bricks/wood.

image image

I love these messy play mud kitchens,I think so will your children.

image       I

A plastic lid curtain can be a great garden divider


Bring out your children’s creative side with an outdoor chalkboard.

image image image

Love this musical instrument wall.


This teepee made from twigs wrapped in material would make a beautiful and colourful reading den.


Children love to collect twigs and flowers, so make a frame for them to display their finds.


Imaginary play love love love❤️


Grow your own child’s hand, such a cute idea.


These adorable tree hangings are made in the shape of a kite from lolly sticks and yarn.


These cute fairy tree hangings are made from natural materials.


image image image

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