Choosing curtains isn’t just about the fabric, it’s also about the length,style and how they will be hung to get the most out of them.

Choosing a header creates the look of how a curtain hangs. Whether it be small pleats or larger pleats also depends on the window involved.

For a fuller look bigger pleats maybe the right decision for you.


Curtains can be made from practically any fabric, the heavier the fabric the better the pleat will hold, but remember that smaller windows wouldn’t benefit from heavy fabrics as this will encroach on the light. Make sure that lighter fabrics are lined as this will make them look fuller.


Linings are essential on curtains as it helps hang the curtain neatly and also stops the fabric from fading,prevents dirt and condensation

Length and Width🏠

To let maximum light in, fit poles so that they overhang the window so the curtains can be drawn back from the window.

I am a massive fan of floor length curtains as this makes a window appear to feel longer. If you have radiators at your window, sil length maybe better suited,although if you fit blinds as well the curtains can just be used to soften a room.

Styles of headings🏠


These are a few of my favourite headings:







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