🏠🏠Buying a property these days can be a costly event especially with the pricey deposit. So a lot of people tend to Rent properties,the only downside is you are very limited in what you can do to decorate, I had a friend that rented and couldn’t even put pictures up as they might damage the walls. I find this just crazy as you really need to make your house a home especially if you have children.

You don’t have to let this get in the way as there are always alternatives.

These sticky tabs are great for holding photo frames to the wall, and can easily be peeled off without marking the walls( you can pick these up in your local DIY store)


Use washy tape to create a frame for your photos, then blue tac your photos into the frame.


Use free standing furniture such as mirrors, side boards etc.


Just just accessorise to your hearts content😀😀😀😀😀

Fabric wallpaper is great,not only does it look like wallpaper it is easy to peel of without damaging walls or needing to re-paint(unless the paint is water based in the first place) a lot of new builds have this paint.

What you need is:

Fabric ( this fabric is from fabricworm.com) so much choice.


Sponge Paint roller and tray

Tin foil(this saves you washing the tray afterwards)


Liquid starch(you can buy this from eBay or Amazon)



material pen

Scissors/stanley knife



The process is very similar to hanging wallpaper!!!

Start by cutting your material to size using your rule,pen and some scissors making sure you don’t frey the edges. (You will have to cut round the edges of plug sockets with a Stanley blade once the material has been stuck to the wall)

Pour your starch into a roller tray lined with your tinned foil, roll the starch onto the walls with your roller. Just like you would wallpaper paste( you have to work quickly as starch dries really quickly)

Tip. Make sure you have turned the power off if you are working over plug sockets.

Stick the pre cut fabric onto the walls working from the top to bottom then pat the bubbles out, making sure you have pushed it right to the edges of the wall, roll some more starch over the top of the fabric With the roller, making sure it is fully covered. Repeat the process if you are doing it in strips.



To remove this, just use a sponge and warm water, rub over the material and the fabric will just peel away.😀😀😀😀😀😀

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