Forget reading magazines and seeing shop displays.

Think of the places within your lifetime that made you feel happy and comfortable.Maybe a luxury hotel or even a barge holiday.

How did it make you feel?

What colour was it?

What type of furniture?

What style?

Living in a space for a temporary time can have a big impact on finding out what style you like.

Types of styles:

Minimalist- has clean architectural lines combined with neutral colours and soft tones, minimal use of objects and furniture.

Bohemian- A completely free style,anything goes has a slightly hippy edge. Colour and clashes of colour are key to this style as well as personal collections and artwork.

Traditional- A good blend of old and new, all about colour,texture and prints. Using books and art to fill the space.

Modernist- Mid century design mixed with contemporary items and modern art.

Industrial- Shows bare building work, an unfinished look, pieces that have function over style.

Finding something you like in a magazine is ok, but remember that just because it looks good on paper it might feel different within your space. The colour might not be right for your personality and mood.(lighting may also impact on the colour)

I am a great believer in trying new things,but sometimes finances can get in the way, getting it right first time maybe the right option. (Use mood boards to get a feel for the design and colour).

💴Remember the style you choose has to suit and work for the rest of your family.

💴 Choose a style that matches your personality, if you like a minimalist look but are a messy person, this will not work for you.

💴 Be practical. Having that beautiful cream carpet might seem a great idea, but if you have toddlers it might not be the best idea. If you won’t compromise buy a carpet that you can bleach and scrub the stains away.

If it doesn’t feel right then you are never going to love it!!❤️

image image image image image image image image image

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