There are so many different choices of flooring out there. But which one is right for you?

Well this all depends on the room.

Types of flooring

🏠 Hardwood(made from planks milled from a single piece of timber)

🏠 Engineered wood(timber that consists of more than one layer)

🏠 Laminate(made from high density finer board and fused with resin)

🏠 Linoleum(made from various materials such a linseed oil, pine rosin,mineral sealers on a burlap or canvas backing)

🏠 Cork(made from a by-product of the cork oak tree)

🏠 Ceramic Tile(ceramic typically glazed)

🏠 Stone

🏠 Vinyl(made from polyvinyl chloride)

🏠 Carpet( various materials such as wool,polyester)


🏠Kitchens- needs to be hard wearing, durable, easy to clean. Recommend – Vinyl, Wood, Cork,Stone, Laminate and Ceramic


🏠Halls- needs to have hard wearing,durable, and welcoming.

Recommend- Stone,Wood,Laminate or Ceramic


🏠Bathrooms- needs to be waterproof and moisture resistant.

Recommend- Ceramic,Stone, Laminate(waterproof) or Engineered woods has a plywood base and holds well against moisture.


🏠Living Rooms- needs warmth,luxury and to be inviting.

Recommend – Carpet, Wood, Laminate( use rugs to soften the look)


🏠Bedrooms- needs to be cozy, soft and inviting.

Recommend- Carpet,Wood and Laminate.

*Choosing the right floor is essential as it can be costly, do some research first before you choose a floor just on its look!! *




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