Using some thoughtful finishing touches and gorgeous accessories, even the most basic of bathrooms can be transformed into a beautiful stylish sanctuary.

🌊 Changing taps ( a quick and easy job) with big impact

🌊 Updating the loo seat, there are so many different styles from basic white,wood to funky modern

🌊 Swaping  your shower curtain regularly or even replacing it for a sleek glass screen

🌊 Changing small areas of tiling( this can create a point of interest)

🌊 Replacing or putting a mirror up can create more light and space, this can also become a decorative feature.

🌊 Clever storage to make the room feel bigger and less cluttered

🌊 Buying a new set of coordinating towels, (this is an inexpensive change but can make the room feel more inviting with new fluffy towels)

Incorporating storage within a mirror can increase space and practicality.

Keep tiles neutral if you are not a fan of colour, colour can then be accessorised within furniture.

New taps can give an expensive look to any bathroom, and with so much variety,there is certainly a style for anyone’s home decor. Shop around though as you can find some great bargains. You certainly don’t have to have a matching sink tap to the bath tap. Don’t be afraid to mix things up!!!!

image image image image image

I love mixing different materials together, and I am a huge fan of the industrial look mixed with chunky wood, I think it’s such a classy look.


Don’t be afraid to go for gareish, quirky pieces. These loo seats are a great and fun way to make a bathroom feel less clinical,and also creates a talking point for any guest😀

image image image

I find some storage can be quite expensive, so why not upcycle and reuse items you have within the household. Jars are great for those little bits,like cotton wool and cotton buds!! Use shelving on its side to create pigeon holes for your compulsory accessories.

My favourite has to be using cabinets as a toiletry unit, it keeps everything in one place and looks beautiful too!!

image image image image image


Using multi purpose furniture can add much needed space within a bathroom,and therefore give you more room for luxuries such as a chair or a lovely towel rack. You can certainly use a mirror as the focal point, spray paint them in metalic to give an expensive classy look.

image image image image image

Tiles create big impact and using bigger printed tiles with rich colours can really make a bathroom look expensive,you can get some great bargains, check out the clearance section in your local DIY store. You can use white tiles and roll your own paint design onto them to create a unique and expensive looking tile.

Annie Sloan do stencil rollers, make sure you use specialised paint that is waterproof and can withstand wear and tear.

image image image image

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