Decorating isn’t done in a single day nor a year, just as your wardrobe evolves so will your interior surroundings.


If you love fashion and mixing styles up, then interior design can be easy. Just incorporate the same ideas within your room design.

Even if your not into fashion, think about your base layer, jeans,tshirt. Dress,tights. You then layer things up with a jumper or cardigan,then you accessorise with a necklace, bracelet,earrings,watch etc.

Think as those as your throws,cushions, rugs, artwork,cushions, using a paint colour as your base.

This will then give you your textures and contrasts.

If you love your red heels,why not use that as your accessory colour.

I have decorated several rooms based on a favourite accessory first and then built up the colour around it.

image image image

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