I don’t really know anybody that hasn’t been anxious or even stressed about something in their life, whether it be a mild symptom or extreme. Any form of stress and anxiety can be draining, cause mental strain, and be damn right awful!! This can certainly take over your life if you let it!!

I have come across friends that are stressed at work for various reasons, I have also met soldiers with PTSD, and to be honest I found this condition very upsetting and misunderstood!! As a wife and Mother I have certainly had stresses and strains within my life and to be honest it does take a while to accept and adjust to daily stress.

So I bet your wondering why I am going on about this, and the reason is I wanted to share some of my interior ideas on how to help have a more restful,calming, safe place to call home😀

Key elements to focus on😃

😃 A place to make you feel calm/relaxed

😀 A safe place

😀Be happy happy happy

The layout of a room can be important to people that suffer from PTSD, they need to be able to see their exit points, this is a visual element to make the person feel safe.

😃 Open plan living can be good as you would be able to see every window and doors.


Having natural light within every room of a home, this will make the room feel airy,spacious and not gloomy.

😀 Use Sun Tubes to help create a natural light source within a smaller room, these are great if you don’t have a space for a window.


Artwork can certainly bring joy,happiness and calm into any space. I find that inspirational quotes hung within your bedroom can make you feel good,especially when you open your eyes in the morning and that is the first thing you see. ❤️❤️❤️

image image image

Colours colours colours🎨 using colour can certainly influence your mood, so choose colours that make you happy.

I found that neutral colours calming for myself, Scandinavian decor is one of my favourites so this was an easy pick for myself. But seriously choose what makes you happy, even think of an occasion that you can remember that made you happy, then shut your eyes and think of your surroundings, colours, textures etc incorporate these colours within your scheme😀

image image

Having scents in your home can be comforting, as these scents remind us of our safe place. I love a shower in the morning, it helps me to wake up but also makes me feel warm inside. Hanging eucalyptus or lavender in your shower can help you feel calm and stress free.


Being technology free within your bedroom, this helps your brain to switch off and helps your mind to relax without any distractions. I find having no TV in my room very very relaxing,as you have no excuse but to sleep⭐️

Choose soft luxurious fabrics❤️


😀Live clutter free, make sure you know where everything is within your home, this way you have no reason to stress as you will never lose anything. Help yourself by tidying/cleaning up as this actually receives mild endorphins to help you feel better.

😀Create yourself a quite room where you can escape from the children,chores etc. give yourself half an hour to relax.

😀 Using chunky furniture that you can sink into can instantly make you feel safe and calm, surround yourself with throws and cushions to make you feel more relaxed.

😀 Soft lighting is certainly less harsh on the eyes and therefore can help you rest those tired eyes. X

image image

Soundproof your sleeping quarters🏠having spoken to people with PTSD the sounds of everyday life can be scary and upsetting, so soundproofing can cancel all these hurtful noises out, this will hopefully help you to start counting those sheep again. Zzzzzz

😀Calming sounds such as water, can help promote relaxation, this is why water is used in spas and therapy rooms. Definitely incorporate it somewhere within your home🏠

I had to share this slide below as I think having things that help your sensues can play a massive part within the healing process.


I love these quotes below. Please share these with people that could do with a little lift in life.❤️❤️

image image

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