These days a kitchen has become the heart of the house, for entertaining,socialising and cooking.A kitchen has a life of its own,it is a witness of all the ups and downs in everyday life.The most beautiful kitchens are those that are enjoyed,played in and worked in.

It is an ACTION zone!!!👪

Whether you have a small or large kitchen getting the layout right is key.

🍳Decide what your space is for.


🍳Multifunctional room

🍳Socialising with the family

My kitchen incorporates all of the above, as I just love having family and friends around me when I’m cooking.

Kitchen Table:

This maybe the main focus in a kitchen and is also a piece of furniture we take for granted.It accommodates the play-doh,homework,painting,letter writing,family meals.

The table might not be the most expensive piece of furniture but it’s certainly the one we rely on and keep the longest.

🍳Don’t be afraid to mix the styles of the chairs and table up.(there are no rules here)

🍳Choose a table that will be your workhorse

🍳Use folding tables to make your kitchen more usable if you don’t have the room.

🍳Use benches as well as chairs for dining

Giving your kitchen a sense of space 🍳

🍳Use folding furniture

🍳Keep surfaces clutter free

🍳Prioritise your utensils/appliances( do you really need a bread bin on the worktop)

🍳Use every inch of your cupboard space, racking on the doors for pan lids.

🍳Hang pots and pans up

🍳Use mirrored tiles to reflect light

🍳Be organised, only keep out the things you use everyday( don’t use the space for the extra crockery used on special occasions)

🍳Be disciplined if using open cupboards( only display the things you want and use)

🍳Use jars to display your packet foods


Just because it’s a kitchen doesn’t mean it has to be kitchen-esque.Bring pictures,books,plants into the space to make it feel less kitchen like and more inviting.

🍳Use cake stands/vases to display your fruit and veg

🍳Use wallpaper on dry areas to create a striking focal point

🍳Put fresh herbs in pots to scent the kitchen

🍳Use non kitcheny lighting, use a statement light to create drama and elegance

🍳 Bring in colour through t towels, table cloths etc.

🍳  Mix tiles up to create a focal point(use as splash backs)

🍳Don’t be afraid to go bold with your paint scheme, this is a cheap alternative to incorporate colour.

🍳Buy timeless kitchen cupboards as this will save you money in the long run(neutrals)

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

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