Living rooms are very precious spaces,a sense of hospitality,of comfort,relaxation and warmth are that we seek to achieve within this central living space.This space offers opportunities to showcase various styles,textures,patterns. This is a great room to show your inner self!!!

👪If you have a large living room it is sometimes hard to make the room feel cozy and inviting, to get round this  arrange the furniture to create a mini room within the space. Cluster furniture into one area using large scale pieces to create impact. Use the remaining space as another seating area or mini library. Use different lighting within each area.

👪If you have a smaller living room keep colours light to add spacious feel,opt for slimline furniture rather than bulky and oversized. Wall mount the TV to create more floor space, use large mirrors to reflect lighting.

Key Attributes:

👪 A place to relax

👪 A place to socialise

👪Decide what you want from a living room.

If your space is for relaxing and socialising a seating plan would be the key element in your living room.

👪 Focal points

General house hold focal points are television or fireplace, if this is the case avoid placing another strong item on an adjacent wall.

👪 Lighting (important)

Lighting creates the right mood and ambiance.

If your on a budget but want to change the feel in your living room,change the lighting. You will be amazed how much this transforms a room.

Use softer lights in a living this will make the room feel warmer and inviting.

👪 Soft furnishings





Add at least 2 of the above in your living room, this will create a cozy and inviting room. Also try and use different textures as this will create a new dimension within the space.


Use pictures to create a lived in space, also this is a room for your family so grouped family pictures can be a nice way to break up a wall.

👪 Storage

Required for all those books/DVDs/Mags.

I use a tin trunk for all my magazines


If you have or buy a bookcase, use it ONLY for books this way you will not use it for clutter!!

Here are some examples of storage and Cozy Living rooms:

image image image image image image image image image

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