I am certainly the girl that loves her home comforts and certain luxuries(a hairdryer). So when my husband suggested a camping holiday, my toes curled and all I could think of was being cold,damp and uncomfortable. So we agreed on glamping instead(glorified camping)⛺️

To my amazement we had running water,shower and a loo(very basic mind)but never the less it was a bit of luxury!!!!

Our lives are pretty hectic juggling work/children and everyday life, so when my 11 year old daughter decided the weeks holiday would be technology free, I kind of freaked!! (But my husband I decided to agree with her) this was a huge decision!! This was actually really good as we all totally switched off, drank wine and ate lots,this chill is what we needed.

So for a whole week we led the simple life!! ( well sort of 😉)

When we pitched up it was just a simple tent in the woods, but when we left it was actually home!!!

So here we have it, this was our accommodation.


This was our outdoor shower and yes that is a bucket above our heads for a shower!! The only thing I found hard was the mad run from ‘home’ to shower. It was brrrrrrrr!

So our luxury was the outdoor hot tub( but we did have to work for it, by keeping the fire going)



Our living accommodation was very basic, we had to boil our water on the stove to wash up and light the fire,to dry our clothes and cook on. This was very new to me, the convenience of a oven or microwave was gone, I have to admit this was very hard with a 1 year old. We certainly had to be organised!!!

The cupboard to the right with the holes in the doors,was where my 11 year old slept(in a cupboard) she loved it😍

image image

This was our huge kettle, and it was filled to the brim everyday,as we got through so much hot water(this actually made us appreciate how much hot water we really used within the week) the fire was pretty tiresome as it had to stay lit all the time just for our convenience. The lighting was battery powered and ran out pretty quickly, so on our second day we went out and bought some candles, so we could at least read!


I love these rustic tea tins, what a lovely interior touch😍


These were our outdoor ‘thrones’ as my husband called them! And yes a lot of wine was drunk from these chairs😊 my daughter also likes to collect various leaves from the woods, these were our outdoor flowers(apparently).


And finally here is our sleeping quarters. So we did have a bed and some duvets, so this was another bit of luxury, it felt so cozy, the only downside to it,was it got REALLY cold in the night.Brrrr!!!!

2 bunk beds for the children, this was used for my 1 year old to sleep in, the divide of both bedrooms were some wicker baskets,they were certainly handy to store our clothes,but we could hear every little groan from our daughter!!!

image image

I would recommend this to anyone that leads a hectic life and needs a break!!!😀😀

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