The entrance hall is the first and last thing you notice within entering and leaving a home. It is also a space for coats, boots, wellies, brollies and pushchairs. It links to other areas within the house.

I believe the hallway is one of the most exciting spaces within the house as this makes the first impression on your home style and personality.Whatever the size treat it as one room. Also investing time in this area will make you smile when you enter the front door.

Bringing a hallway together🌺

🌺Tables are great for sorting the post, keeping keys,wallets and phones on. Console tables are the better option if you have a smaller hallway.

🌺Benches are very useful for putting your shoes on and you can also incorporate shoe storage within them.

🌺Use flowers to make it smell nice, if using fake flowers make sure they are seasonal to make them feel more real.

🌺Create a gallery or a library to make the space feel more interesting.

First impressions count🌺

🌺Decide on the look you want to create whether it be neutral and subtle or bold and interesting. This is the best room to create a statement as you can lead off to more neutral pallette within other rooms.

🌺Lighting-stairs need to be adequately lit. Use a statement chandelier to create a talking point.Choose a light fitting that looks good from all angles, even at the top of the stairs.

🌺Create a view from all angles, depending on what door you open. This can be a gallery wall, mirror groupings,feature wall.

🌺Choose lighter colours, and use mirrors to your advantage to reflect light within small hallways.

🌺 Buy beautiful textured but hard wearing rugs to soften the area, but make sure you use rubber grippers underneath to stop it slipping, also you need to be able to wash them as this is a thoroughfare.

🌺Use heavy lined curtains to prevent drafts from the front door.

🌺Paint floors to create a different perception on the rest of the house.

🌺 I love stair runners as this is a simple way to create a statement. Instead of using a standard carpet why not try using rugs sewn together or even pain a runner.

🌺Wallpaper can create height and depth within a small hallway,especially vertical stripes and trees.

Avoid using the hall as a dumping ground, find adequate storage for shoes, coats etc.

Key: use glass,translucent furniture if you have limited space, this will also make the it feel less intrusive.

Any style goes in a hall, go ahead and experiment. I like to mix old and new styles like an old hat stand with a modern console table.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

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