Not many people have the luxury of a separate room for an office, playroom, bedroom. Creating a room with a multi functional space could help.

Key rules📺📠🚽

😀Decide what function wins(whether you use the office more than a bedroom or vice versa)it is possible to accommodate both functions with careful planning.

Use Futon/sofa beds

Fold down desks

Clever storage build into furniture

😃 Keep the clutter to a minimum(have a clear desk space policy)

Desks space hidden in a cupboard

Bureau with a roll top lid will conceal work

😃Dividing the areas

This is key if you want to be able to escape work once finished

Screens can be a good divider (these can come in all shapes and sizes)

Subtle change in lighting is all that it can take to differentiate between the two spaces.

😃Using styles

If the desk can’t be hidden then make sure your accessories on show are worthy of being displayed.

Buy funky storage boxes in the same sizes to keep the look uniform.

Use artwork,frames,magazines to make the space feel more personalised and inviting.

😀If the bedroom is the main function then you don’t want bulky office furniture taking over your bedroom space. Buy subtle furniture that will incorporate into your bedroom scheme.😀

Divide the room with low bedside cabinets or shelving using one side as bedroom and the other as office stuff, this way you won’t wake up looking at your office space.(ikea do some great ones in various sizes and colours)


This should be controlled as you need it cooler at night and more comfortable in the working day.

image image image image image image image image image

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