It is so easy to get rid of the old and bring in the new, but making a simple piece of furniture into another purpose is just amazing and certainly costs less than a new replacement. It all started for us with some dining chairs that wasn’t fit for purpose for our new table as they sat to low against it. I loved these chairs and just couldn’t get rid of them, so I decided to use them as side tables next to our spare room bed. So the imagination just went wild, looking around the house to see what I could use where!!!

Doing this has saved me a fortune!!!

Here are some examples.

Chairs – side tables

Ladders- a display shelves,bedside tables

Old spring bed frame- a vintage message board, planter to create a living wall

Picture frames- Can be turned into chalk boards, coat peg frames, surrounds for plants.

Shutters/doors- a headboard, message board, hang photos

Wine bottles- Lamps

T-shirts- Rug

Cutlery- Pegs

Draws- as bookshelves

Tables- as shelves

Suitcases-as sidetables Doors- Lamps or headboards

Old window frames- as headboards, photo frames, message boards

This old drum set has been used for a statement light and it looks amazing, this would be awesome in a music lovers pad!


This is so simple, use old credit card as a plectrum.


I have found recently that a lot of people have old pianos within the home but unfortunately sometimes it’s too costly to get them retuned, or the children have got bored and have found something more that interests them.

Making this into a shelving unit, looks amazing and can really give a wow factor within any room.


My father in law is a tennis coach and has so many old rackets hanging around, so when I seen this, I had to suggest it to him, he loved the idea and has now incorporated this within his re stringing room.


Using old ladders as shelves gives you a lot of storage space for those books and treasures and yet so easy to do.


Using old pieces of wood creates a beautiful headboard design.


When I saw these bamboo ladders I just had to have them, as we were limited to space within our bedroom, so I decided to use these next to the bed to hang our magazines off without encroaching into the floor space.


I had a huge wardrobe clear out and had a lot of t shirts that I was just going to throw, but after speaking to a friend, she suggested that she would make a rug for me by crocheting old t shirts together, and this is the end result. Love love love ❤️


Using old side tables,dining tables cut in half can give this fab wall shelf feature. Loving the bright colours too.


I have a lot of scrap bits of paper on the fridge to remind me of things, it actually drives me mad,so having seen these blackboards I had to make them, and plus I had a lot of unused frames.


To be honest I am not sure who has one of these lying around, but I had to post it as I just love the simplicity of it.


Grouping old cases together can create great storage boxes and also look good too.


This is exactly what I have done with my old dining chairs, great for multi purpose use. This could also be turned back into a chair to sit down and dry your hair.


Now I am sure everyone has wine bottles hanging around especially after a weekend, instead of throwing them, recycle them into funky lighting.


Using old draws, painted and the knobs changed makes a lovely shelving unit, and look great grouped together


Old doors/slats used as headboards or stands for lighting, creates a beautiful feature.

image image image

Get creative guys✂️💡

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