My home is made up from lots of eclectic pieces, I just love unusual and quirky objects. I love mixing styles up and not scared to experiment with new designs.

Here are a few pieces from my home❤️

image image image

image image image image image image image

My fake Mona Lisa I just love as it sets a talking point in my lounge. This is from tiger.

Our home made kitchen Kilner jar lights, these are so simple to make and make a statement.

My daughters very first school art work(sunflowers by vangouh)

Gazelle and Stags head are one of my favourite objects. I think it’s important to bring of the outside in. ( purchased from graham and Greene)

Lighting is very important to me as it can create such a beautiful ambiance.

My swallow clock was a present from my husband for our anniversary, this is so beautiful and elegant. I just love it!!! ( purchased from object and line)

My canvas headboard was a great find, it was actually part of a shop window display and I just couldn’t resist it!! I think it makes a great statement piece!!!

The wooden shoe stretchers were from an antique shop and we screwed some hooks into them to make coat pegs. They are so sturdy and fun!!

The ladies mannequin was given to me by my husbands gran, it was actually made to measure her figure back in the day. She used this to make her dresses!!

The grandfather clock wall sticker is fab, and cost very little thanks to IKEA.

One thought on “My favourite home finds ❤️

  1. Oh no ellmoo interiors , might have helped me spend a lot of money. Loving the recommended websites for decoration ( Graham and Greene)


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