I have to say I’m a little gutted that I haven’t taken pictures of all the projects that I have done over the years, but to be honest I only initially started out by helping people and giving advice on interior design to friends and family. After some positive feedback I thought, why not pursue my dreams, and spread my love for interior design?

I have captured a few of my projects so far and would love to share these with you.

Baby Boys Bedroom.

This was an easy project in the fact that all I was given was this room had to be suited for a boy and my client had a love for geometric shapes.

I decided to mix some styles up by incorporating a Danish style chair for feeding the baby, my thoughts for this was that it didn’t need to be changed in a years time,and could be incorporated with any design.

I wanted a feature wall to give off colour, and the geometric triangles needed to be on the biggest wall for maximum impact.

The mirrored wardrobes reflects light,and so does the floor, this room was particularly dark as the window backed onto a wall. So I really needed to create maximum use of light reflective features.

image image


So my objective for this bedroom was:



Soft lighting/Calming

Chunky textures

Not fussy and over the top

So my initial thoughts were to use pastel colours for a soft look, but to incorporate different textures such as the chunky wood and a chunky yet elegant curtain header to create a feature of the window without being over the top. I tried to keep this room feminine and contemporary but the chunky wood brings out a bit of masculinity to the room. I am very happy with the overall look of this room and so is my client.😍

image image


This project below was a very simple task as my client just wanted an injection of colour to their new contemporary bathroom. I knew my client was into bohemian, natural, organic looks, but wanted a vibrant colour. This ‘tie dye’ wallpaper was just perfect and gave this bathroom a whole new depth and dimension.

image image


Initially my client wanted to go neutral with various textures to give the hall a refreshed look. I suggested that a dark paint would look amazing against the polished wood floor and it would enhance the hallway giving it depth and height. Incorporating a vibrant console table at the end of the hall all helps break up the darker walls. Also using pure white skirting boards/door frames helps to make the dark walls stand out.


Living Room.

So the corner of this room was cluttered with a huge bookshelf that really encroached within the space of the room. When their grandchildren come to stay, they needed extra seating, so I incorporated these beautiful stacked floor cushions, which also make a stylish feature as well as being a useful piece. The light gives off soft lighting, but also gives impact to the corner of the room. This can be done by using a chunky lamp stand and an oversized lamp shade.


Girls/Guest Bedroom

This bedroom needed to be a teenagers bedroom and a guest bedroom so I had to keep it simple and not too girly, so I used a soft pastel colour as the accent wall just to give it warmth,incorporated with golds to make it feel a little bit more luxurious. The ladder was found in the garage and spruced up a bit to make this unusual bookshelf for my clients daughters keepsakes.

The bed is just an Ikea daybed that can be pulled out into a double so that guests can use it. Great space saver bed as doesn’t need to be a double all the time.⭐️

This was a very simple transformation as my client didn’t want anything too drastic.

image image

Stay tuned for more transformations😃

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