I just love doing projects, the sense of achievement at the end of it always puts a smile on my face,especially if it’s for my children😀

I am pretty sure I am not the only one here but my 1 year old always pulls the wipes out of the container when I am changing her nappy, or even if they are just laying around. I feel like I am constantly picking them up and putting them away,so I thought why not make her something using the same principle.

Things I used:

An old scalf with tassles ( Primark)

A box

Vintage paper(homesense)




First off I cut the Pom poms off the scalf, then I drew around the box on the vintage paper using a pencil, cut the box shape out, then glued the paper onto the box. I then pierced a hole in the top of the box, and then fed the Pom poms through. VOILA!!! Easy as that.

image image image image image image

So I think it’s a hit with my one year old😍😍😍😍

image ‘

I love plants, and certainly love breaking our red brickwork up with beautiful greenery,but I don’t know why but I find traditional hanging baskets a little dull and uninteresting, and perhaps a little old fashioned. So when I seen this modern twist on hanging gardens I had to make some. I love succulents and ferns, and to be honest they are very easy to keep as they don’t need much care!! Bonus!!!

So simple to make too!!!

image image image

I am a huge fan of dark colours at the minute, and light wood just doesn’t cut my style!! I found this old ikea side table in the attic, the wood was good and in good condition and to be honest I hate throwing things away so I thought I would update it a little to my taste. So I painted the legs and top gold, let it dry and then painted over it with black paint, rough sanded it so flecks of gold would appear. Simple I know but it really work within my spare room!!!😀

image image

I have to admit I was dreading this upcycling task, as it was needed for our living room, so I had to get it right. The side board was just plain wood, but to be honest it didn’t go with our room scheme. So I plucked up the courage and started. Firstly I sanded it, then I got down to the paint work, below is the finished piece and I have to say I am very proud of myself, being my first attempt!!!! I love Pom poms so I had to Incorpoarate them into my project😍




image image image

The one thing I ❤️ Is lighting, some might say I’m a little obsessed!!! Haha. My love of lights all stemmed from our new house, I realised that lighting was a key feature in any room and can also give of a certain ambiance. So I thought sod it I’ll start making my own, especially as it takes me months to actually find a light that I like.

I seen this sort of concept but without the teacup, I fell in love and had to make one, with one of my grans old tea cups and book. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

image image

image image image

More lights!!!! Did I mention I was obsessed😀

So I was having a clear out in the kitchen and came across this teapot, it’s not in my nature to throw out homeware, so I hand a ping moment and turned this teapot into my obsession lights!!! This is now in the kitchen as a little lamp. ❤️

image image image

Small pallet garden are just wonderful and can fit absolutely anywhere either in small areas,balconies, or just to add a splash of colour to a fence. Don’t be afraid to go slightly wild with various plant types, the key is to mix it up, big,small,colourful,evergreens!!! Whatever your style and taste. I love the wild,scrappy look when it comes to plants, the one this I hate is uniformity.

These are so easy:





even more lights💡

I had a spare one of these from our coat hook project, I love all things vintage and rustic and lighting(not sure if you know that by now)😀. So rolled them all into one and made a lamp. 😀💡

image image image

So today’s creations are yes you guest it more lights. I was out in homesense this morning and found this copper effect batman car in the bargain corner, I just couldn’t resist as my hubby loves batman, it was inevitable that a light was going to made from it. Thank you Homesense❤️


I have sooooooo many magazines, but can’t bring myself to get rid, so I made a side table from them, using old belts and a bit of scrap wood. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

image image

I love animal heads and have several within our home, I think they make such a statement piece,and a great talking point. So I thought I would make my own from bike parts.

Here us the end result. What do you think????


Another book light that has a multi purpose use, not only is it a light but has a box to store all your treasures. I used a push switch to finish the light off.❤️

image image


Watch this his space for more of ellmoo’s crafts✂️❤️

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