Neutrals(usually means without colour) such as beige, taupe,ivory,grey and White,but in many applications these have undertones of colours. Such as pinks, golds etc.

There is actually a neutral of every colour of the rainbow🌈

Neutrals don’t have to be boring when accompanied by stylish furnishings,unusual contrasts and textures.

Mix neutral colours up as you don’t just see one colour in nature. You can use similar colours together but make sure you add contrast and textures so this doesn’t become a flat surface.

Stick to Matt finishes and natural textures.

Always layer up textures to add interest.

Using different materials such as hard woods, fabrics, stone,metals(nickel,copper,chrome.) can add dimension and interest.

Neutral colours can create a larger feel to a small space

Using neutral colours as a base is a great way to start a room off, then you can start building your room up by adding texture,by incorporating mirrors,rugs,throws,curtains,tables,wall art.

There is nothing more beautiful than a balanced scheme with white,greys,taupes,chocolate and charcoals.These colours can be soothing and calming with a touch of elegance.

Remember that neutral palettes can be changed easily by adding colour within the accessories for a different room feel.

My friends house below is just beautiful, she has incorporated different textures within cushions, wooden chests, ceramics,side tables and differents fabrics within the furniture.

I just love this soft, yet simple look. 😀

image image image image

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