Choosing the right paint finish all depends on the job in mind.🎨

🎨Flat or Matt finishes:

This is very dull and has little shine, which means paint reflects minimal light. Best paint to hide imperfections. This finish provides the most pigments therefore provides the best coverage.

– Not very durable due to its porous nature therefore better suited in low traffic areas.

🎨Satin finish:

Is elegant and durable, this finish is resistant to mildew,dirt and stains and can withstand cleaning and light scrubbing.

Suitable for high traffic areas.

🎨High gloss and semi gloss finishes:

The most durable and easiest to clean.

This finish requires a lot of prep work due to showing every imperfection and brush stroke.

Best suited on cabinets,doors,windows and skirting boards.

🎨Eggshell finish

Offers low sheen quality like Matt finish although easier to care for. Creates a more elegant look and and easily hides imperfections.

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