Every child loves to play and hide, making dens is just a must as a child, as they can create their own unique space that NO adult can use. This is a child’s sanctuary,creative space and reading nook.

To be honest I don’t know any child that hasn’t made their own unique sanctuary out of sheets,tables, cushions. I just wish I was still that child!!!

My daughter says” that a den should be imaginative,private or a happy place”

This should certainly be an inviting,cosy space made from comfy,colourful materials. It is almost classed as their mini home and safe place!!

You definitely do not need a big space to create the perfect den!!!👫

This simple play castle made from cardboard and painted can create a beautiful play den in any corner of a child’s bedroom. Love love❤️❤️

image image


A reading nook made from wood and printed with geometric shapes really finish this nook off, you could use a brighter colour to create more of a feature.



This simple yet elegant playhouse really fades into its environment, but complimented by bright inviting cosy cushions.



This nook is great for a smaller room, painting a wall to create a den space is just genius and very effective, loving the soft textures to make the space inviting.



Love love, this den is ace and easy to make, cut from MDF and shaped, accompanied by a cute wall sticker. This could be your child’s favourite animal,shape or colour.


Using fairy lights in a den can create a magical,unique space for your little ones⭐️


A nook can be made from anything, even a cupboard, this is great as it can be a permanent thing.


Using a pre made den is quick to erect and hassle free, this can be taken down whenever the space is required. 👫


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