Every time I go into Primark these days it’s very rarely I actually look at the clothes,all I try to visualise is what I can make with the items they have for sale. The items they have in their shop are just so so cheap, and seems daft not to take advantage of the cost and what you actually get for your money. I really wanted to share some of these ideas with you and hope you find some of these hacks useful.

Primark have such a vast variety and styles of necklaces,finding the right curtain tie back can be challenging to suit your curtain pattern and can be costly, so why not just use a necklace to suit your taste. You can even add extra links to lengthen the necklace to fit your curtain width.

You can pick some of the below for as little as a £1

image image image image image image  image

Use an arm cuff to give a unique look around a pillar candle. Love love❤️


Scalves scalves scalves, such a huge range, from thick Aztec patterns to your silk vintage style and at minimal cost. Create a beautiful curtain,blind or even a wall tapestry.


image image image  image

There is a lot of tshirts in primark with film logos,quotes and even song lyrics so why not make a feature wall and group them together in frames.

Such a cool look!! Teenagers would just love this look in their bedrooms.

image image

Use Headbands to create a beautiful colourful lamp, and these are a steal starting at just 50p.


Use necklaces to create a chandelier knowing that nobody would have the same in their home.


Huge fan of belts,and yet again the variety is fab, why not wrap them round a vase to make an unusual statement piece.


You can also use Primarks cheap bedding to make table runners,napkins or even Roman blinds.

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