I have to say I love books,especially interior design books, I read books on holiday when I get chance to relax away from the children, these days it certainly takes me a lot longer to read a book than it used to. I do give a lot of books to charity,but what about the books that just sit on the bookshelf collecting dust,already been read and never given a second look. Up cycling furniture is a big thing these days and can be very rewarding as it can change the look and feel to the piece and the room it sits in, so why not upcycle books and give them a purpose. I made some tinsel for my Christmas tree out of carol books,cut into stars and sewn together. It looked amazing😍😍 so many people commented.

image Make baubles and Christmas decorations to make a tree look better than the rest.

image You can make books into side tables grouping together lots of pages and tying them together with som beautiful ribbon

image Books make amazing wallpaper, this is so easy to do and can be used in any room, try using nursery rhyme books for a babies room, or cook book pages as wallpaper for the kitchen. Awesome😀

image  These coat hook books would make any entrance interesting, especially if you use your favourite novel. This way people will see what you are into the minute they walk through the door,also it would create a great talking point.

image  Make a planter from a book, but make sure you use plants like succulents that don’t need to be watered,you certainly don’t want a soggy book😃


image  Using a book as a lamp stand not only makes a focal point but also creates a unique look for any shade, especially if you use a shade from the same era as your books.

image  Create a piece of art with a script of a quote painted onto it, this would be great for a wedding gift, especially with their vows written on the book pages. You could also use pages from a music book and highlight the lyrics so it stands out from the pages.

image  I love this side table, you don’t have to use a belt to hold it together, try using rope or coloured string for a rustic look.

image  These hearts are just adorable, I used a carol book last year and cut out stars then sewn them together to make tinsel for our Christmas tree. It looked amazing. These hearts could be used over a child’s bed made from nursery rhyme books.

image  Bunting made from books could also be made to decorate a gazebo or windows for special occasions.

imageThese shelves are lovely especially when you can still pick up and read your books if required. Great multi purpose piece.😍

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