I have to say lighting is probably one of the most important things within a room, it instantly creates a mood/ambiance, i would actually say that even if you didnt change the decor within your room,just changing the lighting can make a huge impact.

What kind of lighting does a room need??

Mix of light sources at various heights to create ambiance and focal points.

Task lighting is required for eating/shaving/reading etc

Living room💡

Install a flexible range of options from downward and upward lights to create reading nooks and a softer ambient lights for relaxing and entertaining. Fires and candlelight also give out a soft glow.Overhead lighting should have dimmer switches on.

Light up 3 corners of the room focasing on an object(artwork,plant or chair).image  image  image


Kitchens 💡

Adjustable spotlights are a practical lighting solution within a kitchen,overhead lighting is key as you require maximum light for cooking. For a softer look use lights beneath wall cabinets to illuminate surfaces. Overhead lighting is key as you need maximum light whilst cooking.

image   image


Halls and stairs 💡

Lighting should be warm and welcoming. Brighter lights maybe needed for darker areas such as stairs, making sure light switches are placed at the top/bottom of the stairs.


Dining rooms 💡

A pendant hung over a dining room table creates an intimate,social atmosphere. Lighting fitted below eye level makes it more comfortable on the eye when sitting down. Choose lighting that can be adjusted to suit the height of your guests,this way the light will be less harsh.





Cozy lighting is just what a bedroom needs, as this is a place to relax and unwid.,Use flattering lighting to create a romantic,relaxing room. Use hanging side lights that can be adjusted to give you maximum lighting for reading.

Use a dimmer switch for the main light,this way you have good lighting for dressing and ambient lighting for relaxing.,

.image  image image image image


I always find bathroom lighting hard as I would love to be able to put every light I see within a bathroom, but can’t as only use fittings designed to be safe in wet and steamy conditions. Combine directional task lights, or LED wall be careful not to over do the lighting as this will just reflect off shiny surfaces. Use sconces either side of the mirrors this will give you maximum light for shaving and applying makeup. An overhead light can also fill in shadows on your face as it will fully illuminate the room.


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