My daughter has always been into painting and crafts, ever since she was little she always wanted to make a colourful creative mess😀 I loved every piece!!! The amazing thing is that she always draws something different, but using the same simple delicate sketch style❤️ To be honest this is my favourite sort of art as it isn’t over the top and too busy, not only that it really fits in within any design style. Her true creative style has really been bought to life since she has started high school!!!

I am very proud of her as she will try anything, but I have to say I really think she has found her vocation.

I wanted to share some of her work so far🎨


This is so simple, but I love the bright red lips as it shows off those luscious lips❤️


“Style queen”

This piece is very similar to the above but with a bit more of a fuller face, yet again I love the simplicity😀


“Revision time”

Love this piece, it almost reminds me of a catwalk sketch. I think the shape and delicacy of her face is just lovely.


“Lost and Alone”

Stunning!! You can almost feel the emotion of this little girl, is she in deep thought,waiting or just standing watching the world go by!!!


“Wild dancers”

Very simple and delicate. But shows you that simple doesn’t have to be boring!!!❤️


Proud mum alert, I cannot believe that my daughter has been working on this piece of art for 2days and I knew nothing about it. I have to say I’m totally gobsmacked by her end result. All hand sketched and watercolour used. The detail of Mr zebras eye is just awesome,and I just love the tufts of hair!!!  Wow wow wow. ❤️😀😍


Watch out for more creations from my wonderful daughter ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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