I always find painting stripes a nightmare as you are unsure as to whether the paint has bled once you peel back the tape. I found these tips below a real help and actually achieved the perfect lines.

There is 4 tips to stop this happening:

🎨 Use decorators tape(frog tape) to mask the lines off

🎨Use an art brush along the tape line

🎨 Don’t overload the brush with paint

🎨 Avoid up and down strokes, work from the tape inwards, this way the paint is being pulled away from the tape.

Mask the wall off to your desired width and mark out the colours that you want on the walls.


Use the same principle for any geometric design.


I have to say this is the only tape that I have found that works perfectly. You can get this from your local hardware store.


Use the same technique to create a wall like this.


Even use the same method on any furniture. I love the geometric shapes on wood.


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