Colour schemes inspired by nature,objects and food.🍂🎸🍜

Nature is a great way to inspire us when it comes to decorating with colour🍂

A favourite object is another way that we can get colour inspiration 🎸

Certain foods can give an alternate outlook on colour🍜

Here are some examples below that inspired me:


imageimage image

All the colours I have chosen are B & Q Valspar.

Picture 1 is Slate roof, feather grass,cozy cocoon and Wedding cake.

Picture 2 is Brushed cotton,Sahara sun,vintage brooch and charcoal mauve.

Picture 3 is Brushed cotton,lush rose,feather grass,cozy cocoon and blue heron.

Picture 4 is Wedding cake,natural habitat,glass of bubbly and Pinot noir.

Picture 5 is Brushed cotton,glass of bubbly,lady ophelia and melon punch

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