Thank you so much Mel for the lovely testimonial. (See all about distressed design on my exceptional up cycling page) ❤️❤️

I started upcycling furniture round 6 mths ago, due to me wanting change and also needing a new revamp, it became addictive , I loved the feeling of calm when I was doing it, but more importantly the way my house became a home …

I’ve always been a op shopper and picked up a few amazing pieces, transformed them and posted on my local selling sites … I created a personal page “Distressed Design” to basically showcase what I do !!
I had a lot of positive feedback but none more delighting then getting a inbox from Katie , she asked if she could do a blog on my upcycling, and I was more then happy for this happen … And it did … Wow the response from that one article has inundated my once hobby into a some what small business .. It’s mind blowing .. Gratifying … To know that what I do is impressive … Katie’s ideas and tips are amazing I strongly recommend checking it out …
Thankyou Katie for making my dreams a reality xx 😘

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