Colour can instantly set a mood and convey emotion. Colour is so powerful within interior design as it is a non verbal communication, that can speak volumes about a persons personality in a fraction of a second.


The colour green means:

Restoration,reassurance,new beginnings.

Room best suited- Kitchens,bathrooms


The colour black means:

Powerful,empowering,heavy,bold,basic,classic,magical,sober,prestigious,stylish and modern

Room best suited- All rooms


The colour yellow means:

Nourishing,cheery,happy,warming,energetic,innovative,friendly and lumminating.

Room best suited- Kitchen, baby room.


The colour grey means:

Classic,Corporate,practical,timeless,reserved,deliberate,modest,efficient and dutiful

Room best suited- All rooms


The colour orange means:

Energising,childlike,happy,glowing,jovial,sociable,good natured,friendly, self assured.

Best room suited to- Kitchen,Kids room.


The colour pink means:

Exciting, theatrical,playful, hot, high energy,sensual, wild,festive,vibrant,stimulating,flirtatious, innocent and sweet.

Best room suited to- Bedroom


The colour blue means:

Lively,sprightly,calming,cool,trusting,serene,faithful,true and restful.

Best room suited to- Bathroom


The colour purple means:

Spiritual,sensual,thrilling,dramatic,fanciful,prestigious,creative and witty.

Best room suited to- Bedroom, Living room


The colour brown means:

Delicious,rich,grounded,solid,warm,reliable,natural and supportive.

Best room suited- All rooms


The colour white means:

Pure,clean,pristine,innocent,silent,simple and efficient

Best rooms suited- Kitchen



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