Updating a room doesn’t necessarily mean a full overhaul, many of us are on a budget and limited time to decorate. Changing a few items in a room can make a massive difference in making a room feel different and refreshed.

Lighting can make a big difference regarding the feel of a room, you can turn a room into a romantic, cozy inviting space just with this small change. This won’t cost much either!!


Mirrors can make a room feel larger and create more light within a room.


Cushions can make a room feel inviting,warm,cozy and can also give an instant splash of colour.


Changing door knobs on furniture can make it feel like a new piece, also if you have the time, painting furniture can make it look expensive. 🏠Annie Sloan paint is good to use as you don’t have to prep the surface first, and the colours are just beautiful!!


Rugs are just beautiful and can create a focal point in any room,it can change the dimension of the floor depending on what material and texture you go for.

Dont forget the slip mat if you are putting rugs on slippy surfaces!!


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