I have to say I am a huge fan of wallpaper, I think it’s transforms a room and also gives it depth,  though it needs to be in moderation, I wouldn’t go out and wallpaper every room, as this can be very overwhelming. Use it as an accent wall or even a splash of colour by framing it.

Key rules:

😀😫Always get a sample first and stick it up on the wall for a few days,that way you can tell whether or not you can live with it!

😀😫Remember wallpapers look different on the internet whether it be colour or texture. I would recommend going to your local interior shop and find their sample books first before you buy. (wallpaper can be expensive so get it right first time)

😀😫If you are not confident with bold patterns, create a mood board first with wallpaper chosen/paints/soft furnishings. This way you can see if it all ties in together and more importantly that your happy with it.

Various styles:

😀😫There are so many styles of wallpaper out on the market whether it be stripes/floral prints/ animal prints etc

😀😫Whatever you decide to choose, always remember the key things you want the wallpaper to do:

😀😫Satisfying on the eye

😀😫Compliment the desired room(you don’t want to be adding bold, garish patterns in a downstairs toilet,as it would be to over powering)

😀😫Use wallpapers to enhance a space(horizontal stripes make a room look wider for instance) tree designs will make a room look taller)

😀😫Easy to work with(I made a mistake of buying really cheap wallpaper and it went on the walls terrible)

Here are are some examples of trees giving off height and horizontal stripes giving a room width.

image image image image

Don’t be afraid to use floral patterned wallpaper, this can really complement a room and give you a splash of colour in an instant. Large floral prints can go in any sized room, and make a great feature wall. Smaller floral prints are better used on every wall as it wouldn’t seem overpowering unlike the bigger print.

To be honest you can just buy some wallpaper and frame it if your afraid to cover a wall completely, this also gives a instant splash of colour.

image image image image image image

Animal print wallpaper is so lovely and can come in every species of animal, my favourite is the silhouette animals as I love the simplicity, and can go in any room.

Childrens rooms look beautiful with a animal feature wall, this also helps your little ones learn about animals. The variations of colours are just immense so they would be a wallpaper to suit everyone’s colour scheme.

image image image image image image image image image image

Architecture Wallpaper is very popular, people want to bring the industrial,exposed look within their homes. This certainly gives rooms a different dimension and the illusion of natural materials. The range of architecture wallpaper is vast and the colours and textures are amazing. Some of them look so real that you have to touch it to believe that it is only wallpaper. This style is so versatile and can be used again in any room. My personal favourite is using this type of wallpaper in a kitchen❤️

image image image image image

Pasted picture wallpaper, is very exciting as you can pretty much put whatever picture design on you like, all you need to do is send a picture off to http://www.pictowall.co.uk (or equivalent)and they will upload this onto wallpaper. Or you can choose from some pre printed designs like the ones below. Don’t be afraid to use these papers as it would certainly give impact and a talking point for your guests. There is a huge range from simple still life to panoramic landscapes. I love seeing office spaces with a panoramic landscape, this gives depth and interest.

image image image image image

Wallpaper doesn’t need to be just on the walls, it is so versatile and can pretty much be used anywhere to transform anything!!!

Transform venetian blinds with wallpaper, creating a unique feel to standard blinds!! You can use any wallpaper to fit into your interior design project.


Use wallpaper to transform door knobs, creating a beautiful feature on any cupboard.


Use wallpaper for chest of draws to give a different dimension,texture and feel to any room.

image image

I just love leopard print so why not pimp up your fridge and glue with some funky wallpaper to your white goods❤️❤️❤️❤️


Useful Wallpaper and Mural websites:






John Lewis


http://www.zazous.co.uk (Wall stickers & Murals)





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